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Ranking after Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli (1/10)
1.(1)General Chicabike leader Ned   Versteege, Peter7991
2.(2)World Tour Bel   Vissers, Tim7402
3.(3)Ned   Beekman, Dick7324
4.(4)Rookie of the Year Bel   Van Ceulebroeck, Tim7246
5.(5)Ita   Cipriani, Sebastiano7175
6.(6)Mountains Jersey Bel   Noterman, Sandra6927
7.(7)Bel   Mas, Filip6898
8.(8)Esp   De Miguel, Jesus6736
9.(9)Sprints Jersey Bel   Van de Sande, Benjamin6728
10.(10)Ned   Vrielink, Byron6714
11.(11)Ned   Luyckx, Marcel6672
12.(12)Chicabike winner last year Bel   D'hollander, Davy6646
13.(13)Bel   Van Reepingen, Olivier6624
14.(14)Bel   Raeman, Steven6593
15.(17)Ned   van Dijk, Jeroen6564
16.(16)Gre   Athanasiadis, Sakis6561
17.(15)World Champion Time Trial Bel   Verhaeghe, Ruben6557
18.(18)Bel   Coolens, Ivan6538
19.(19)Gbr   Sulch, David6511
20.(20)Bel   Debruyne, Ward6482

Useful Information

Start registration for the 15th edition of Chicabike: 7 February 2017

Debutants (or chicabike participants in earlier years) can register by sending an e-mail to chicabike@gmail.com, which contains following information:

Title of your e-mail: Registration Chicabike 2017
Contents of your e-mail:
Name and first name: ...
City: ...
Country: ...
Birth date: ...
E-mail address: ...
Gender: m/f
Personal website: ... [Optional]
Name of your Chicabike team: ...
When the registration is valid, you will receive a confirmation mail in the next 24 hours. This e-mail contains a password for our login pages, where you can start building your team.

Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli
1.Gbr   Adekunle, Theodora104
2.Bel   Van Damme, Lorenzo98
3.Bel   Daulie, Christophe79
4.Bel   Vanderwegen, Mark77
5.Bel   Castelyns, Rudi73

Ranking Time Trials
1.Can   Schroh, Karen1199
2.Ned   Beekman, Dick952
3.Bel   Speelman, Geert934
4.Ned   Luyckx, Marcel914
5.Bel   Coolens, Ivan909

Ranking World Tour
1.Ned   Versteege, Peter5880
2.Bel   Vissers, Tim5285
3.Ned   Beekman, Dick5173
4.Bel   Mas, Filip5081
5.Gbr   Sulch, David5043

Ranking Stage Races
1.Ned   Versteege, Peter3295
2.Bel   Vissers, Tim3188
3.Ned   Beekman, Dick2938
4.Bel   Martens, Wouter2769
5.Ned   Luyckx, Marcel2759

Victory Ranking
1.Gbr   Adekunle, Theodora16
2.Can   Schroh, Karen8
3.Bel   Speelman, Geert6
4.Fra   Cerclé, Yann5
5.Ned   Versteege, Peter4

Rookie of the Year
1.Bel   Van Ceulebroeck, Tim7246
2.Bel   Noterman, Sandra6927
3.Gre   Athanasiadis, Sakis6561
4.Gbr   Sulch, David6511
5.Cyp   Gavrielidou, Martha6100

Ranking Ladies
1.Bel   Noterman, Sandra6927
2.Can   Schroh, Karen6214
3.Gbr   Adekunle, Theodora6184
4.Cyp   Gavrielidou, Martha6100
5.Iri   Khatami, Nooshin5689

Ranking Period 4
1.Ned   Beekman, Dick2121
2.Bel   Roose, Yannik1885
3.Bel   Coolens, Ivan1864
4.Esp   Marin, Marcos1793
5.Bel   Vissers, Tim1760

Remarks and suggestions can be send to chicabike@gmail.com
Chicabike, 15th edition - Managed by Marcel Luyckx, Michel Verbeke and Filip Mas - Copyright: www.gigabike.be